The project


Badesi Mare

The Badesi Mare project was designed to offer our customers housing solutions of the highest comfort and value to be enjoyed not only in the summer months, but all year round. In fact, our villas are designed to be lived with on a daily basis spaces dedicated to working life in Smart Working. The use of digital tools throughout the design and construction phase allows us to achieve case "smart", More and more intelligent, technological and connected, in response to the new needs of contemporary living and the desires of those who live there.

The residential complex includes 19 villas of three types: Smart, Superior, Prestige.
Smart unit
Superior unit
Prestige unit

The planning of the residential complex exploits the orography of the land to create an area in which the privacy and the potential of the housing unit is perfectly balanced. Thanks to the main artery and the private passage, the connection between the units and the road network that connects the sea to the town is simple. In fact, traveling along "Via del Mare" on foot, by bicycle or by car, in a few minutes you reach the "Li Junchi" beach and the city center.



Buying one of these villas represents an optimal investment able to guarantee a continuous income in case of rent in the months of non-use. The management of the annuity can be completely entrusted to Arras Group to take away your worries and stress, guaranteeing your economic return.

The pillars of the project


All the resources and raw materials that we use in the entire construction chain are renewable, of certified origin and guarantee a low impact on the environment. For our projects we select only the best structural solutions and the best materials to guarantee the maximum energy efficiency.

Refined materials

The love for our land also passes from enhancement of local activities and materials. For the realization of this project we have selected artisan companies in the area to guarantee our homes a typical Sardinian touch that goes perfectly with a more modern design.


Badesi Mare is located in a declared area site of community interest, due to the quality and variety of flora and fauna. In addition to the large surrounding greenery and proximity to the sea, our villas are surrounded by beautiful private gardens that give peace and relaxation to the villas.

Give yourself the privilege of living in Sardinia

A crystal clear sea envied by the whole world, a unique land full of tradition and history, a natural heritage priceless is only a small part of what you want to experience by choosing one of our houses. Don't miss all this! Book now with only 10,000 euros one of our wonderful villas

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